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  • Understanding battery capacity: Ah is not A

    Understanding battery capacity: Ah is not A

    - 18 April 2014

    Ok, i was reading thourhg the post, but didn't get really andswer of what my question was, so i allow myself to add some new!!!

    well, here it goes.
    I am user of an audio device, the H4n recorder, using phantom power mic on. The h4n is using 2 AA batteries but by giving 48v to the mic, the power runs down very fast. And i need to be able to record sound for longer period than one hour!!!

    so i am trying to find a solution.
    the H4n as a input of 5v 1A...
    i am thinking of building a little set that would give this power to the machine.

    but i can't understand what to expect.

    let's say i am plugging together 4 rechargeable AA, i should get 4,8 v. But when i check the battery they give more 1,25V than 1,2V, so than would come pretty close to 5V.
    Now... the batteries are 2500mAh.. more or less...
    But i can't understand the link.
    If i put 4 AA, i am supposed to get way more than 1A... or? Is there a risk of burning the audio device?
    Or this 1A just means that is what it request from the battery to operate, and they will gently give it enough....

    Some electrician in a store told me i would have hard time to run the device, as i would hardly get the 1A requested...

    Shall i make to sets of 4 AA in parallele, getting still 5V but more power....

    or this is way too much for the audio recorder...

    if you can help in these dark thoughts!!!
    have a good day!!!

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