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Posted by Ben on 3 April 2015

PeterPan, an active member of our forum, recently started a thread asking other Wixel users to push for us to get Wixels FCC certified. The Wixel is getting to be one of our older products, so it is due for some updates, too (e.g., our new USB products have moved on to Micro-B connectors). We realize many of our customers do not necessarily want to publicly discuss their projects, so if you do not feel like participating in the forum thread, please feel free to contact us directly about your thoughts on FCC certification and other ways you would like to see the Wixel improved.


Wixel is great, it's a lifesaver for many people with diabetes used in the project Nightscout http://www.nightscout.info/

I would ask for an integrated LiPo charger feature, micro USB and a special edition, or some support to easy add, a HM-11 BLE module to use as a bridge between a Wixel network and a smartphone.

By the way, a LiPo charger (with a volt divider resistor to check for battery discharge level), a HM-11 and a Wixel are what is needed in the nightscout project to capture packets and send them to the smartphone for real time blood glucose readings :-)

..... and an update on your library. In Nightscout they fixed SPI support and something else, they would pleased to contribute I'm sure.
Please make USB DP & DM available by routing them to pins so that the physical usb connector can be removed for space constrained environments.

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