Raspberry Zumo Robot

Posted by David on 6 January 2014

Frédéric Jelmoni built a neat robot with a Raspberry Pi and a Zumo Chassis Kit. The Raspberry Zumo robot can be controlled over WiFi using telnet. The server on the Raspberry Pi is written in Python and uses the RPIO library to send signals to an SN754410 motor driver that drives the two 100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotors HP in the Zumo chassis. The server also controls an RGB LED and a buzzer. A stripped-down Logitech webcam attached to the front of the robot provides video that is streamed over the web using mjpg-streamer.

For more details, see the Raspberry Zumo page, which is written in French. Also, see our post from last October about a similar robot, the Pibot-B.


Are you using any camera due to image processing, If we should use a camera what shall we use,

Note: What is the name of that card in front of the robot.
Hello, Murat.

We did not make that robot, but the blog post says they used a stripped-down Logitech webcam. Unfortunately, it looks like that website link for the "Raspberry Zumo" is having problems. You might try again at a later time to see if that content comes back up. In the meantime you can see the archive of that website post here:



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