SMC03A controlled by LabVIEW

Posted by Paul on 16 December 2009

Customer Roberto posted a demo to the forum, showing how to control our SMC03A motor controller using LabVIEW.

Featured link:


I want to use the aruduino

We no longer make this product, but you might be interested in checking out our Jrk G2 Motor Controllers with Feedback:

They support a variety of high-level control interfaces, including TTL serial and I2C for use with microcontrollers like Arduinos. We even have a library for using the Jrks with Arduinos:

- Patrick
I checked the specifications .
I have one question. Have your other board been supported IVI-VISA or NI Labview.
Using it without LXI/PXI Board is my plan.

You might be able to operate a Jrk G2 from something running one of those programs, but we do not have any resources specifically for that.

One approach would be to see if you can invoke the Jrk G2 Command-line Utility from your program. Alternatively, you can make a program to control the Jrk using its virtual USB COM port from LabView. Someone wrote a program like that for our Maestro, so you might check that out:

The comments of this old blog post are not a great setting for this type of discussion about our Jrk G2 motor controllers, so if you have any further questions you might consider either posting to our forum or emailing us:

- Patrick

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