Controlling the Pololu 3pi Robot using a Joystick

Posted by Ben on 3 February 2012

This project by Pololu forum user Wilfredo shows how to control a 3pi robot by directly connecting two joystick outputs to two of its analog inputs. Here is a schematic of his setup:

Schematic for controlling a Pololu 3pi robot using a joystick.


I just bumped this project combining Pololu and Arduino platforms. Now my 3pi can be controlled via wireless using an Arduino Fio controller. I am using one data byte with the speed value of the the motors (as 2 nibbles). For those interested, I posted in the Ardunio forum 'Wireless Joystick with Arduino control for 3pi Pololu robot' (user Palliser). Regards,

Thanks for taking the time to do a nice writeup, Wilfredo. I like that your code leverages our Orangutan Arduino libraries. For those who would like to see more, here are links to the Arduino forum post and a YouTube video of it working:

Arduino Forum: Wireless Joystick with Arduino control for 3pi Pololu robot
YouTube: Wireless Arduino control for 3pi Pololu robotl


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