Tamiya 71114 Mechanical Blowfish - Tail Fin Swimming Action

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The Mechanical Blowfish is the first water based Tamiya Robocraft. It is propelled forward by a left-right moving tail fin rotated driven by a crank and linkage rod.

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With a comically inflated design, this cute little blowfish is loads of fun to build, loads of fun to play with, and educational too! The rounded body gives the Blowfish a unique look that differs from the flat designs of previous Robocraft models, and its transparent green plastic allows the inner-workings of the device to be easily observed. The tail fin’s neutral position can be manually adjusted to control the direction in which the blowfish swims.

Basic specification

  • Total length: 197 mm
  • Total height: 81mm
  • Comprised of mainly transparent plastic allowing internal mechanics to be displayed after assembly and during use.
  • Easy screw assembly and wiring.
  • Water-proof sealing tape for the body and rubber rings for screw holes and switch are provided.
  • A screwdriver for the assembly is provided.
  • Includes Type 130 motor with low gear ratio (58.2:1) for controlled propulsion.
  • Requires one AA (a.k.a. R6 or UM3) battery. (sold separately)

Note: This is a kit. Assembly requires using a screwdriver and snapping parts together. No soldering is required.

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