Tamiya 71110 Boxing Fighter - 2-Channel Remote Control

Pololu item #: 936
Brand: Tamiya

This product has been discontinued.

This easy-to-assemble remote-controlled robot boxer is not only educational but also a lot of fun for kids and adults. Hitting the face of an opposing fighter enough times will cause it to fall over. The boxing fighter features a twin motor gear box enabling this little boxer to punch while moving backwards, forwards or turning to the left or right.

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How it works

The Boxing fighter is driven by two independent gearboxes. Each gearbox transfers movement to both its associated foot and arm via crank plate and linkage rod, causing the arm to punch as the foot propels the unit. Each gearbox is controlled by a corresponding lever on the two-channel remote control, which means you can move your fighter forwards or backwards while turning to the left or the right. In no time you will be able to make your boxing fighter go anywhere you want.

Through a simple adjustment of the elbow linkage rod, the type of punch can be changed from an upper cut to a straight jab. By adjusting one arm for upper cuts and one for straight jabs, you can achieve a combination of the two attacks for more tactical fights. You can also adjust the stability of each fighter, making it easier or harder for your fighter to be knocked down. If the fighter gets hit in his mouth, his judging plate drops to indicate that he has lost the match.

The fighter’s body is made from a transparent blue ABS resin that allows you to see all of the motors, gears, cranks, and linkage rods in action.

Basic Specifications

  • Total length: 141 mm (arm extended), 87 mm (arm retracted)
  • Total width: 92 mm
  • Total height: 144 mm
  • Total weight: 160 g (without remote control)
  • Body material: ABS resin
  • Gearbox, motor, and remote-control are included.
  • Motor and electronic circuit come pre-wired.
  • Kit also comes with practice punch ball.
  • A screwdriver for assembly is provided.
  • Requires two AA (a.k.a. R6 or UM3) batteries (sold separately).

How to play

There are many ways to enjoy the remote-control boxing fighter:

  • Build a course that the robot should follow in order to reach the target that has to be hit.
  • Create a ring with a board or a tile and defeat your opponent by punching them out of the ring.
  • Make walls with various blocks and try to destroy them with the boxing fighter as fast as possible.

Note: This is a kit. Assembly requires using a screwdriver and snapping parts together. No soldering is required. Run on flat, smooth surfaces; avoid running over slopes, on bumpy roads, or on thick carpet.

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