Tamiya 72102 Gear Head Motor + Pin Spike Tire Set

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Brand: Tamiya

This product has been discontinued.

The Tamiya 72102 gear head motor and 130-mm pin spike tire set is part of Tamiya’s new line of products designed specifically for robots. The 380-size brushed DC motors are substantially larger than the 130- and 260-size motors found in the smaller Tamiya gearbox kits, making this drive set capable of moving medium-sized robots weighing up to approximately 10 pounds.

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The Tamiya 72102 gear head motor and 130-mm pin spike tire set comes with two 380-size brushed DC motors with gearboxes, two aluminum mounting brackets, two hubs, and two wheels, along with assorted mounting hardware.

We also carry the same set of gear head motors with smaller foam wheels and tires, the Tamiya 72101 gear head motor + sponge tire set.

The larger motors in this Tamiya 72102 set require a more powerful motor driver capable of driving in excess of 10 amps (the stall current is about 12 A at 7.2 V). The Pololu dual VNH2SP30 motor driver is a good match for these motors (we recommend the VNH2SP30 version over the VNH3 version due to its higher performance and current-sensing capabilities). You can order the gear head motor set and the VNH2 motor driver in a combination deal and save. The Pololu Orangutan X2 robot controller, which incorporates the same VNH2SP30 motor drivers, would be a great control center for a robot using these motors.

Please note that although the 380 motors look like the 540 motors typically used in 1/10-scale radio control models, the 380 motors are substantially smaller than the 540 motors.

Basic Specifications

  • Recommended voltage: 7.2 V (6-cell Ni-based pack)
  • No-load speed: 242 RPM
  • No-load current: 0.67 A
  • Stall current: 12 A
  • Single motor + gearhead weight: 180 g
  • Wheel dimensions: 60 mm wide x 130 mm diameter

Note: The Tamiya 72102 gear head motor and 130-mm pin spike tire set is a kit; assembly is required. You will need to provide your own electronics (motor driver) and all other mechanical components to build a robot.

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