OWI 9742 Comet

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This product has been discontinued.

Comet is quick to respond and scurries speedily on command. A condenser microphone and a printed circuit board control this OWIKIT. Each time its sound sensor hears your command, it reacts; clap your hands or make any other loud sound to control it (and drop in a pen to make it draw!).

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Discontinuation Notice: This item will be discontinued once its current stock runs out. Please consider one of our other robot kits as an alternative.


Comet can react to your sounds either by following a sequence of commands (forward, stop, clockwise spin, and stop), or by randomly choosing its next action. Drop a pen in Comet’s pen holder and make it draw!

This robot kit is designed for beginners (recommended age 14 and up) and requires no prior robot-building experience. Only basic hand tools are needed for assembly: diagonal cutter, small hammer, screwdriver, long nose plier, and pen knife.

Basic specifications:

  • Size: Height 80 x Diameter 110 mm (3.15" x 4.33").
  • Weight: 165 g / 5.82 oz (without battery).
  • Control: A condenser microphone and a printed circuit board drive a DC motor.
  • Power source: one AA battery (not included).
  • Power consumption: ~240 mA.

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