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This product has been discontinued.

The Solar Power kit guides you through 150 activities that show how to transfer solar energy into other forms of energy. With the included parts you can build a solar electric generator, motor, water heater, thermometer, galvanometer and many other devices.

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Solar Power, part of the Tree of Knowledge science series, teaches how energy from the sun is used to power electronics, heat water, and feed plants. Properties of electricity, magnetism, and light are explored through over 150 activities. For example, building a solar water heater teaches how sunlight can be concentrated to heat water. Solar Power comes with an illustrated manual (2MB pdf) and is designed for ages ten and up.

With the included parts, you can make your own:

  • solar furnace
  • stroboscope
  • moirĂ© patterns
  • electronic thermometer
  • DC electric motor
  • 600 milliamp solar cell
  • galvanometer
  • solar water heater
  • solar energy mobiles

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