Orangutan SV-328 + USB Programmer Combo

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This product has been discontinued.

Buy an Orangutan USB programmer with your Orangutan SV-328 and save!

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Can I make my Orangutan USB Programmer faster?
Yes, the Orangutan USB programmer ships with a low default programming speed so that it can be used to program AVRs that have clock speeds as low as 1 MHz. If you have a Baby Orangutan or Orangutan LV-168 that is running at 20 MHz, you can safely set the programmer to its highest ISP clock frequency. If you have a regular Orangutan running at 8 MHz, you can safely set the programmer to its second-highest ISP clock frequency. In general, the programmer’s ISP clock frequency must be less than 1/4th your target AVR’s clock frequency. In older versions of AVR Studio, you can set the programmer’s ISP frequency under the “Board” tab of the AVRISP programming dialog. In more recent versions of AVR Studio, this option has moved to the “Main” tab of the AVRISP programmind dialog. Please see section 5.b of the Orangutan USB programmer’s users’s guide.

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