1.1. Supported AVR microcontrollers

The programmer should work with all AVRs that can be programmed with the AVR ISP (in-system programming) interface, which is also known as in-circuit serial programming (ICSP), serial programming, or serial downloading, but it has not been tested with all devices. We expect it to work with most AVRs in the megaAVR (ATmega) family. It does not work with the megaAVR 0-series of AVRs (e.g. the ATmega4809). This programmer works with some members of the tinyAVR (ATtiny) family, but it does not support the Tiny Programming Interface (TPI), and it does not support the Unified Program and Debug Interface (UPDI). It does not work with the XMEGA family or with 32-bit AVRs. The programmer features upgradable firmware, allowing updates for future devices.

The programmer is incompatible with some AVR boards that have extra components on their programming pins. The programmer’s I/O pins are protected by 470 Ω resistors, so pull-up or pull-down resistors on those lines that have a value below 5 kΩ might prevent the programmer from properly communicating with the AVR. For example, the programmer does not work with the Arduino Nano due to the 1 kΩ pull-up resistor on its reset line.

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