3.b.8. Command 187: Set Note Gap

Effect: Sets the duration in milliseconds of the silent pause inserted after each note/frequency played by the buzzer. If the note gap is set to zero there is no pause. Additionally, no matter what the value of note gap, no pause is added to the end of a silent note. As such, silent notes can still be used for timing purposes if so desired. Note gap is a 7-bit value that allows for pauses of 0 – 127 ms. A note gap allows you to distinctly hear each note in a stream of the same repeated note. For single non-silent notes, the buzzer is not flagged as finished in the status byte until after the trailing note-gap period has elapsed.

This value can be saved to byte 19 of EEPROM using command 240 (Section 3.d.02) so that it will persist after a hardware reset. It is possible to safely store an 8-bit value at this location if you need a longer note gap.

command byte = 187

data byte = 7-bit note gap

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