3.b.6. Command 186: Erase Melodies

Effect: Resets the melody pointers to a state that represents zero stored melodies. It is not necessary to call this function before storing a new set of melodies, but it can prevent you from having unwanted “garbage” melodies left in EEPROM. One way to get a garbage melody would be to store eight melodies (0 – 7), perform a hardware reset, and then store two melodies (0 and 1). The pointers for melodies 2 through 7 were not updated by the most recent store commands, however the notes in EEPROM have changed. Attempting to play melody 2 could result in some unexpected sequence of notes. This command will cause the mega168 to perform nine EEPROM writes, so it is recommended you give it at least 30.6 ms before issuing another command that will cause the mega168 to perform an EEPROM write.

Values sent: none

command byte = 186