5. Suggested Modifications and Improvements

Here are some ideas for additional things to try with the Wixel and Joystick App:

  • The Joystick App only supports using digital and analog voltages directly as input, but by modifying the source code, you could add support for encoders and other types of sensors.
  • In addition to buttons and analog axes, the HID specification allows for many other types of controls to be represented, such as hat switches. You could modify the Wixel’s usb_hid library to add support for features like these; see the Wixel SDK Documentation for more information.
  • With a pair of Wixels and some custom programming, you could build a wireless controller: one Wixel could read the inputs and transmit information about their states wirelessly, and the other Wixel could receive the information and pass it to a computer through an HID interface.
  • Instead of converting an existing input device, you could make a custom input device from individual components. Building an arcade machine control panel from scratch? Use a Wixel to interface it to a computer!

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