5.a.2. Start a Sequence

After making a sequence as described in Section 4.c of the Maestro User’s Guide, use the Copy all Sequences to Script button to save the sequences on the Maestro. You then can call the sequence by figuring out which subroutine on the Script tab corresponds to your sequence. UscCmd needs to be given the number (NUM) of the subroutine you want to call. To figure out the NUM of your subroutine, go to the Script tab and count the number of subroutines that appear before the subroutine you want to call, the number you count is the subroutine you want to call’s number (i.e. the first subroutine’s NUM is 0, the second is 1 and so on). Typing Ctrl+Alt+U runs the subroutine whose NUM is 0.

^!u:: Run usccmd --sub 0,,Hide