10. Motor Driver Truth Table

Input Orangutan SVP output
PD7, PD6 PC7, PC6 M1A, M2A M1B, M2B motor effect LED on
LH or LLLbrake lownone

* Note that the concept of “forward” is arbitrary as simply flipping the motor leads results in rotation in the opposite direction.

Motor 1 is controlled by pins PD7 (i.e. OC2A) and PC7. Motor 2 is controlled by pins PD6 (i.e. OC2B) and PC6. Pins PD6 and PD7 are connected to the AVR’s eight-bit hardware PWM outputs, which allows you to achieve variable motor speeds through hardware timers rather than software. This frees the CPU to perform other tasks while motor speed is automatically maintained by the AVR timer hardware.

You can control the Orangutan SVP’s motors using the functions in the OrangutanMotors section of the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library, or you can write your own code.