5. Suggested Improvements

  • Program the 3pi to automatically measure the neutral, maximum, and minimum value of each channel so that responds better to the transmitter. Doing this will ensure that the robot is at a full stop when the transmitter sticks are in their neutral positions and that the motors reach full speed appropriately when the sticks are at the ends of their ranges.
  • Program the 3pi to drive autonomously when the transmitter is off and drive under your control while the transmitter is on. This would let you use the RC system as an emergency manual override.
  • Use the RC system to control parameters of an autonomous program, such as the maximum speed of a line follower or the direction a maze solver should go at the next intersection.
  • Use a transmitter/receiver with more channels to give you control over more 3pi functions. You could connect these extra channels to LCD-port I/O lines and use them to trigger additional actions such as playing sounds with the buzzer. The easiest way to add a third channel would be via a PORTB pin, since you could use pin-change interrupt 0 to read the pulses just like pin-change interrupt 1 reads the pulses on PC5 and pin-change interrupt 2 reads the pulses on PD0. If you try to use two pins on the same port to read separate channels, the required changes to the code become more complicated.

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