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Comments by Mark L.

  • Understanding battery capacity: Ah is not A

    Understanding battery capacity: Ah is not A

    - 10 June 2015

    I am looking to figure out a way to convert a battery powered hand tool to a 110v plug in. I want to use a DC power supply to plug into the power tool. the adapt part should be easy,, but the power ratings are confusing me,,, the power tools require a 12v Dc 2.0 AH. I have a box full of old power supplies that plug into 110 and have various output ratings,,, but mostly in outputs rated in MA or just amps. Many of my power supplies have very high ratings ,, one goes up to 10 amp. How does AH relate to Amp with the voltage staying the same. Does all this change with the load ?? I work on cars and I am familiar with DC 12 volt amps and watts. How does this all figure out as to what 110 v power supply with 12v dc output supply I should use in relation to AH ??

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