Comments by Ben

  • New version of the Zumo Shield for Arduino - now with full IMU!

    New version of the Zumo Shield for Arduino - now with full IMU!

    - 14 January 2015

    Hi, Jimmy.

    Blog comments aren't a very good place for this kind of discussion, but we would be happy to help you out if you post your questions on our forum.

    - Ben

  • New product: Addressable high-density RGB LED strip

    New product: Addressable high-density RGB LED strip

    - 25 September 2014

    Hi, Eric.

    Thanks for pointing that out; it should be fixed now.

    - Ben

  • Video: LVBots May 2014 maze solving competition

    - 16 June 2014

    Hello, whoami. Is there any particular robot you want to hear more about? If you are just looking to get started, the 3pi is a good platform, and we have a sample maze-solving program for the 3pi robot that you can build off of to make something faster:

    The code running on my 3pi in the video is custom-written, heavily tuned for this specific style of course (e.g. it only works if my tires and the course are clean), and very ugly since it was frantically written the night before a competition six years ago, so it's probably not that helpful for me to post it, but I would be happy to give you some pointers on improving our sample 3pi maze-solving code. You might find the following forum thread helpful with that:

    Also, I wrote and shared some maze-solving code that works on looped and non-looped mazes (it uses an entirely different, more complicated algorithm so it can deal with loops). If you want to take a look at that, see:

    - Ben

  • Force and torque

    Force and torque

    - 6 February 2014

    Hello, Inaam.

    I just want to add that if your stepper motor torque is specified in N*m rather than kg*cm, then you would multiply the 2 kg by 9.81 (and don't forget to convert the radius of the pulley to meters):

    torque = (2 kg)*(9.81 N/kg)*(0.025 m) = 0.5 N*m.

    - Ben

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