Comments by Raymond O.

  • Introduction to Jan's blog

    Introduction to Jan's blog

    - 9 February 2014

    Hi Jan,

    I don't think RobotShop is trying to hurt Lynxmotion, but I do think that there is a cultural difference. Lynxmotion is a lot like Pololu in that there is a lot of support and educational information associated with each product.
    RobotShop is not like that. As an illustration, compare the two web pages:

    As more of the Lynxmotion product line is moved to the RobotShop website, I feel that a lot of the support and educational information will be either harder to find or lost entirely.

    As far as Robotis and similar products, there are two forces as work.

    First, it is harder to tinker and make custom designs. Your site specifically has products that you know we customers cannot build because the parts are "as small as a grain of rice".
    Second, the only way to get better robots is further integration but too much of that will yield a product where creativity is limited..

    I would like to think that those systems that are accessible to third party suppliers will be the ones that have the most success.
    For Lego Mindstorm this came in the form of Hitechnic, Mindsensors, Robotc, and others.
    Without the third party suppliers, the product will be limited to whatever the original design team offered.


  • Introduction to Jan's blog

    Introduction to Jan's blog

    - 7 February 2014


    I have been pretty impressed with the Pololu site and the staff responses to my questions.

    So far, I have built two robots from Pololu, one based upon the round robot chassis and the other based upon the Zumo chassis.

    My next exploration is going to be into bipeds and I have purchased a Brat from Robotshop (Lynxmotion), but because of their documentation I have decided to purchase a Pololu sequencer.

    I have a feeling that Lynxmotion is withering on the vine due to the purchase by RobotShop Inc. Has Pololu any plans to offer more parts and kits for servo based robots like bipeds, quadrapods, and hexapods?

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