Pololu Jobs

Quick company overview

After founding the company in a dorm room at MIT, we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2002; we have since grown from two to over sixty employees. We design and manufacture many of the products for sale on this website, and we also resell other companies’ products that complement our own. Most of our products require some expertise of the user, so our customers tend to be professional engineers, higher education students, and advanced hobbyists. Our goal is to become a large, global organization with a substantial impact on the world.

Our values

We are still working on pinpointing and articulating our values, but generally speaking, we value truth, beauty, and the human individual. Our mission is to improve man’s standing in the universe by expanding his understanding of objective reality, by creating and appreciating things that are good, and by advocating for the sanctity and greatness of the human individual.

Open positions

All open positions are for on-site work at our Las Vegas location.

Application instructions

To apply for a position at Pololu, please fill out our application form and send us a cover letter and resume to jobs@pololu.com. Applicants will also be required to fill out an Employer Lynx background investigation release form (70k pdf) before being hired. For additional questions about any positions, please contact Linnea Goldstein at 702-262-6648 or jobs@pololu.com.