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  • New products: Discrete addressable through-hole RGB LEDs

    New products: Discrete addressable through-hole RGB LEDs

    - 11 June 2014

    We do not have the mcd ratings for those LEDs. Subjectively, I find it hard to look at directly at those LEDs at full brightness. However, you might need to test them for yourself to see if they will work in any project you have them in mind for. Fortunately, they are relatively inexpensive at $4.95 for a package of ten!

  • Introduction to servos

    Introduction to servos

    - 15 May 2014

    The pulse widths used in the Maestro scripting language are in units of quarter microseconds and the pulse widths used in the status tab of the control center software are in units of micro seconds, so that is why there is a factor of four difference between them.

    Additionally, if you are having problems understanding servo pulse, you can learn more about them in this blog post:


  • Force and torque

    Force and torque

    - 6 November 2013

    Hello, Sarah.

    The purpose of this post is to teach you how to do these calculations yourself. I suggest carefully reading the post to see how it might apply to your project.


  • Abstractions


    - 10 January 2011

    Jan L O V E this article. Works in so many instances not even necessarily in electronics. Almost any problem solving works the same way.

    Great Job!!