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Hello, my name is Paul Grayson, and I am one of the founders of Pololu, though I was away from the company for most of its first six years while I worked on getting my Ph.D. in Physics at Caltech. I am now in charge of information technology at Pololu, including programming, system administration, and server operations. I also participate in product engineering as well as other aspects of the business. On the product engineering side, my most notable contribution was probably designing and implementing the Maestro Scripting Language.

Two young children keep me busy outside of work, but I try to make time for some other activities: I am one of the organizers of the Las Vegas Ruby User Group and also a member of LVBots, where I am the reigning mini-sumo and dead-reckoning champion. I received my private pilot license in 2013 and fly a Cessna 172.

You might also want to visit my LinkedIn or GitHub pages.

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  • Paul's dead reckoning robot

    Paul's dead reckoning robot

    - 19 August 2015

    For anyone interested in building a robot like this, our new <a href="/product/3116">A-Star 32U4 robot controller</a> includes most of the...

  • Paul's dead reckoning robot

    Paul's dead reckoning robot

    - 20 July 2015

    I have not made a wiring diagram (need to learn Fritzing!), but I still have the robot, so if there are any connections that are not clear in my...

  • Math on the Pololu website!

    - 27 June 2014

    <a href="/user/c07351a/ben">Ben</a> wanted me to post the details of the Gaussian integral, so here we go. It's simpler to think about the full...

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