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My name is Grant, and I am a mechanical engineer at Pololu. I have a mechanical engineering degree from UCLA. I moved to Las Vegas and started working at Pololu in March 2013. My current focus is developing our product line on the mechanical side of things.

I enjoy D.I.Y. projects, which is how I found Pololu. Now doing projects is part of my job, which is awesome. Currently, I am interested in 3D printing and other rapid prototyping techniques.

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  • TwoPotatoe balancing robot

    TwoPotatoe balancing robot

    - about 12 hours ago

    TwoPotatoe is a customer-built balancing robot that in its latest form uses an Arduino Mega to receive commands from a custom-made controller via...

  • Apeiros robot Kickstarter

    Apeiros robot Kickstarter

    - 15 July 2014

    Abe Howell posted to our forum about a Kickstarter campaign for a robot he calls Apeiros. It is an open-source robot he designed as a teaching tool...

  • Hexapod robot running ROS

    Hexapod robot running ROS

    - 9 July 2014

    One of our customers made a hexapod that is controlled with a PlayStation controller. It uses our 18-channel Mini Maestro to command the servos...

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