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My name is Grant, and I am a mechanical engineer at Pololu. I have a mechanical engineering degree from UCLA. I moved to Las Vegas and started working at Pololu in March 2013. My current focus is developing our product line on the mechanical side of things.

I enjoy D.I.Y. projects, which is how I found Pololu. Now doing projects is part of my job, which is awesome. Currently, I am interested in 3D printing and other rapid prototyping techniques.

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  • Candy bowl surprise

    Candy bowl surprise

    - 24 October 2014

    Anyone who has gone trick-or-treating has seen the house that puts a bowl of candy on the front porch and knows that there are those greedy...

  • Inflatable ghost

    Inflatable ghost

    - 14 October 2014

    After doing the creepy mask, I wanted to do something a bit more festive. This Halloween prop was inspired by those inflated decorations people put...

  • Creepy eyes Halloween prop

    Creepy eyes Halloween prop

    - 3 October 2014

    In the lead up to Halloween, I thought it would be fun to make some Halloween-themed props; in particular, I was interested in making something...

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