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Custom SMT stencil service closed on December 25 and 26. Our custom SMT stencil service will be closed for Christmas on December 25 and 26. We will resume normal operations on Monday, December 29. The promised ship dates below properly account for our two-day closure. Please call us if you have any questions. Merry Christmas!

Use this form to get a quote and order a Laser-Cut Mylar SMT Stencil.

The file you submit should be of the stencil (also called cream or paste) layer, not the solder mask layer.
The size of your stencil will be computed automatically from the Gerber file.
DXF Size: × inches
(rounded up to the nearest inch)

(You can select a turn time or add more stencil designs to your quote after clicking above.)

Pricing: For a turn time of 5 days, the price for one stencil is $25.00 for the first 4 square inches, and $1 for each additional square inch. We round each dimension up to the next whole number, so a 2.1" x 2.1" design would be considered 9 square inches and cost $30. A $10.00 discount is applied to each additional stencil in the order.

Preview Files: After you place your order, we will prepare preview file(s) to show you exactly what we are going to make. When the preview files are ready, we will notify you by email. The email will contain a link to our website, where you must approve the preview file(s) before we can begin the production of your stencil.

  • If you choose a turn time of 2 days or more: Your preview file(s) will be ready by 12:00pm (noon) Pacific Time one business day before the scheduled ship date. If you do not approve the preview files within 24 hours, your order might be delayed.
  • If you choose Next Day turn time: Your preview file(s) will be ready by 12:00am (midnight) Pacific Time at the beginning of the scheduled ship date. If you do not approve the preview files by 12:00pm (noon) Pacific Time on the ship date, then your order might be delayed.
  • If you choose Same Day turn time: We will prepare your preview files(s) as fast as possible, and you should be checking your email or the My quotes page as frequently as possible so you can approve the preview files in time for us to cut them and ship them in the afternoon.
  • Order cutoff time: Once your order is placed, we will confirm your scheduled ship date. This date will be later than the date shown above if the time passes 12:00pm (noon) Pacific Time during the checkout process. If the time is currently close to noon, finish the checkout process quickly to avoid delaying your order.